Cyber-attackers are rapidly becoming enabled and dangerously intelligent. As a result, more sophisticated data breaches are taking place every day; putting critical business information and systems at increasingly high risk. IBM Security solutions is the world’s most advanced and integrated portfolio of enterprise security products and services. This portfolio has been expertly designed to help organizations holistically protect their people, infrastructure, data, and applications.

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15 Aug 2018: We organized an IBM Security Solutions Roadshow at our head office AWT Plaza, Rawalpindi. During this interactive session, our highly qualified and experienced trainers explained how conventional methods of cybersecurity are no longer comprehensive or robust enough to assure protection and why there is a need to have an integrated and intelligent security system.


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16 Aug 2018: The overwhelming response and demand of the customers, pushed us to arrange an additional event of IBM Security Solutions at our head office AWT Plaza, Rawalpindi; to assure that all of our valued customers are accommodated well and receive the desired attention and take away the maximum knowhow from this enabling session.


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28 Aug 2018: We arranged a roadshow of IBM Security Solutions for our Karachi customers at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi. During this enabling session, our trainers highlighted the IBM Security Solutions Portfolio to the attendees and explained how it can help them holistically protect their organization and confidently confront the cyber threats of tomorrow.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security–11 (KES-11)

The Cyber threat environment is advancing exponentially, placing critical business processes, data and financial resources at an ever-increasing risk from cyberattacks, the majority of which are initiated through the endpoint. Kaspersky Endpoint Security offers next generation protection and control for every endpoint by combining multi-layered security with extended control tools to deliver an agile security solution that rapidly adapts to protect against new threats via a single, easy-to-use management console.

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08 May 2018: To assure the best continuous local support to our customers, we organized a one-day refresher course for the existing Kaspersky Enterprise customers, at our Head office @ AWT Plaza, Rawalpindi. The purpose of the event was to update the customers on the latest threat scenarios and threat mitigation techniques to ensure effective security for every corporate endpoint through one console.


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16 May 2018: We arranged a one-day refresher course for the Kaspersky Enterprise customers @ Avari Hotel, Karachi. During the event, the Kaspersky administrators were updated on the latest cyber threat landscape and threat mitigation techniques by our very qualified Kaspersky Deployment & Support Teams.

Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity (KICS)


Attacks on industrial systems are on the increase. Traditional security through air gaps and security by obscurity is no longer enough to protect industrial environments from cyber threats therefore, choosing the right advisor and technology partner to secure your systems has become most important. Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity (KICS) is a portfolio of technologies and services that offers specialized protection for Industrial Control Systems by securing every industrial layer without impacting the industrial processes.


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04 April 2018: Being pioneers of introducing Information Security in Pakistan in 2002, TISS once again took the lead for the first time to introduce and launch Industrial Cybersecurity in Pakistan, at our Head office @ AWT Plaza, Rawalpindi. With the rapid increase in cyber-attacks on Industrial Control Systems, we invited Kaspersky Lab’s subject matter experts to address this critical threat and guide the industrial customers of Pakistan on how to achieve effective security from cyber threats at all ICS layers through the award-winning Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity (KICS) Solution.


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05 April 2018: Following the overwhelming response and demands of our industrial customers, we launched the award winning KICS @ Avari Hotel, Karachi. During the event, the Kaspersky Lab subject matter experts advised the customers on how to secure every single industrial control system’s layer without impacting the operational continuity or consistency of the technological process.

Kaspersky Total Security Solution


With all their apps and devices plus all the websites they visit, it takes a lot to protect users from hackers, attackers and ransomware. Kaspersky Total Security has been designed to offer peace of mind to the users by protecting all their devices so that they can shop, surf, socialize & stream with total security. Its “Safe Kids” feature gives users new and better ways to keep their kids safe and helps kids enjoy the digital world… away from digital dangers.


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07 May 2018: For the first time, Nayatel, Pakistan’s leading Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) Internet Service Provider has launched a monthly subscription model offer of Kaspersky Total Security to its Home Customers. This initiative offers total security to the users by guarding their privacy, passwords, files, and photos thereby boosting their security while they bank or shop-online. The subscription also has a “Safe Kids” feature that allows parents to safeguard their kids online and helps them monitor their location and communication in real-time.


Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services

More and more cyber threats are appearing each day, in different disguises and through various attack vectors. Knowing where to look for danger is a large part of being able to combat the latest threats. Organizations need to anticipate the dangers that lie ahead and need more than just smart operational protection against known threats. To achieve this, and to make using the Internet safe and secure, it’s vital to share threat intelligence in real time. This is exactly what Kaspersky delivers through Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services (KSIS) by providing the latest threat intelligence from all around the world to maintain immunity even from previously unseen cyber threats.

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15 November 2017: Trillium Information Security Systems a value added distributor of Kaspersky Labs organized a Kaspersky Security Solutions for Enterprises Road Show at Avari Hotel Karachi.

Thursday, 27 September 2018 09:45


September 27, 2018: We organized a workshop on Kaspersky Data Center Security Solutions at PC Hotel, Karachi to help organizations combat the rising challenges of Data Center security. During this interactive workshop, our experts the need to protect all the sensitive information that passes through the data center as one small slip can cost millions of dollars in losses.

Saturday, 24 November 2018 08:22

KASPERSKY Reseller Enablement WORKSHOP

November 26, 2018: We arranged a one-day enablement session for our resellers in order to help them effectively understand and market Kaspersky Solutions at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. During this enabling session, our technical and sales expert helped our partners learn the value Kaspersky Endpoint Security Solutions bring to customers, the business situations where it can be demanded, its main features and the persuasive arguments to help customers demand Kaspersky Lab.

Monday, 24 September 2018 09:42

IBM Security Solutions Roadshow

September 24, 2018: We organized an IBM Security Solutions Roadshow at PC Hotel, Lahore to educate and guide our customers about the latest threat scenarios and threat mitigation techniques to effectively Detect, Prevent, and Respond to cyberattacks.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018 09:42

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Workshop for SMB

September 25, 2018: Since large enterprises are heavily investing in IT security, cybercriminals have set their sights on small and medium businesses considering them as softer targets, as they lack the resources to defend against the latest attacks. So, to help small and medium businesses combat the rising cybersecurity threats and challenges, we organized an enabling workshop of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 (KES-11) at PC Hotel, Lahore.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018 09:42

KASPERSKY Reseller Enablement WORKSHOP

September 26, 2018: We arranged a one-day enablement session at PC Hotel, Karachi to help our partners effectively understand and market Kaspersky Solutions. During this enabling session, our experts taught the value Kaspersky Endpoint Security Solutions bring to customers, the business situations where it can be demanded, its main features and the persuasive arguments to help customers demand Kaspersky Lab.

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