T-Eye Threat Intelligence Report for The Month of June 2016


TRIAM T-Eye Threat Intelligence Team is extremely proud to present the Threat Intelligence report for the month of June 2016. Through extensive collection, analysis and correlation of attacks conducted on our widely deployed network of sensors, our report presents information intended to provide situational awareness to the industry stakeholders. As a result, enabling them to effectively detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats targeting Pakistan's cyberspace.

Information Stealers

Malwares that steal credential based information stored in email clients, browsers and FTP clients have been constantly on a rise. Most of these malwares are sent to the users via email attachments. Once the attachment is opened, the malware steals information related to stored credentials and sends it to the attacker.


Ransomware malware is constantly affecting Pakistan based organizations with key motive of encrypting data of targeted organizations and individuals and rendering it useless until a hefty ransom is paid for decryption. There has been exponential increase in number of Ransomware attacks since 2015 and prevention from this threat is highly recommended at all layers. In recent Ransomware attacks, it has been noted that the malware also steals personal information of affectee.

T-Eye Threat Intelligence Report for the month of June is available for download at: http://www.triam.com.pk/resources/threat-intelligence-services/june-2016. The report has been compiled using our advanced threat intelligence gathering platform consisting of sensors like honeypots, web crawlers and aggregators deployed through-out Pakistan. The information obtained using these sensors is then enriched by extensive correlation from different sources. Our aim for releasing these monthly reports is to enable all stakeholders in Pakistan to keep abreast with on-going threats and remain vigilant in protecting their networks from potential attacks. /p>

We hope you find the report helpful. If you are facing one of these or a different malware or non-malware related threat, please reach out to us for a focused and quick response.