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With nearly two decades of experience and numerous successful projects, our track record speaks for itself.
We possess industry's best minds, skills and portfolio to deliver what we promise!


Services, Solutions, Training, Distribution and R&D are our five business lines, each represented by a dedicated brand.

Services Brand

Designed to provide specialized monitoring, assessment, analysis, response and intelligence services for the first time in Pakistan.

Solutions Brand

Designed to deliver cutting-edge information assurance solutions to meet the complex requirements of the customers.

Training Brand

Designed to raise information security awareness and provide World’s leading and customized information assurance training courses and certifications.

Distribution Brand

Designed to bring the best security solutions of the world along with our exceptional support to our resellers.

R&D Brand

Designed to bring together the best minds of the industry and academia to lead the way and develop state of the art cybersecurity solutions.

Empower & Protect Your Business with Adaptive Security!

Our pedigree in cybersecurity spans nearly two decades. By implementing an adaptive security architecture, we enable your organization to effectively predict, prevent, detect and respond to emerging threats.

Most Qualified Most Certified Technical Team

We are cybersecurity trailblazers and possess the strongest, most qualified, and constantly evolving
resource and knowledge base in the entire region.

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