T-SOC Compromise Assessment Service

Uncovering Persistent Threats Active In Your Environment!

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Rise in the complexity of IT infrastructure has multiplied the attack surface exponentially. The hackers are now able to laterally move within the network for a long time without being detected. So, the question is not if a threat actor will penetrate your environment or not. Rather it is how long would it take you to detect the breach, when it happens. Preventing an intrusion seems to be impossible now, due to the continuously increasing Advanced Persistent Threats. Therefore, gaining an edge over the threats is imperative, by identifying threats quicker.

Stay One Step Ahead

Cydea Deception Platform (CDP) enables you to gain this edge and stay one step ahead of the threats by outsmarting adversaries and uncovering their Tactics, Technique and Procedures (TTPs). It is a single platform with integrated modules capable of deploying and monitoring decoys, identifying breaches and capturing complete forensic data of an advanced threat actor’s TTPs.

Detect Threats Instantly

By deceiving attackers, CDP allows your security analysts to detect active threats instantly, as opposed to monitoring/analyzing millions of events/logs attacks being collected in a SIEM platform and separating legitimate events from malicious events. CDP efficiently detects active threats at all stages of the attack lifecycle, from reconnaissance to lateral movement, without relying on known attack patterns or signatures.

Why Us

Cydea Deception Platform is a single platform with integrated modules capable of deploying and monitoring decoys to lure, chase, and capture sophisticated or advanced threat actors. / CDP provides deception capability to deceive attackers and assist security analyst to find critical attacks instead of monitoring millions of attacks being collected in SIEM.

Discover Compromised Points

Recognize all the compromised systems and users efficiently and quickly.

Deceive the Attackers

Diverts attackers towards decoys and protects real production environment.

One Step Ahead

Stay one step ahead of the evolving and dynamic threat actors.

Organization Specific & Actionable

Threat Intelligence that is tailor made for client’s business requirements.

Fast Response

Responses within no time for forensic data to investigate security incidents.

Two Deployment Models

SaaS Cloud Based Model and On-Premise Perpetual Model.

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