T-SOC Compromise Assessment Service

Uncovering Persistent Threats Active In Your Environment!

Our Offering

Trillium’s Compromise Assessment service helps organizations evaluate if they have been compromised by APTs and if attackers are currently active in their environment. Our experts, pair threat intelligence and behavioral analytics with cutting-edge, ever-evolving technology to assess your environment, identify and collect evidence of attacker activity thereby giving you unparalleled clarity during uncertain times.


Our proven compromise assessment methodology validates whether or not attackers have infiltrated your environment, and provides actionable steps you can take to keep them out with the following considerations:

Why Us

We’re well-positioned to help you develop, run, or improve every stage of your incident response program from detection and analysis through containment and remediation. Our Compromise Assessment team are experts in threat intelligence and analysis, with extensive experience in the detection of sophisticated attacks. We carry out monitoring and detection on hundreds of different networks and thousands of endpoints per year, analyzing the organizations for known and unknown compromises.

Peace of Mind

Gain visibility of malicious activity, identify, and confirm a breach that evaded existing controls

Faster Discovery

Reduce the impact of a breach with faster discovery and an optimized incident response process

Hunting Down Malware & APTs

Keeps your network clean of adversaries by hunting down malware and APTs

Security Validation

Validates the effectiveness of your overall security program

Comprehensive Reporting

Get actionable recommendations with detailed reports

Threat Intelligence

Leverage our extensive threat intelligence of attacker TTPs

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