Kaspersky Security Solutions for Enterprise Road Show

Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services

More and more cyber threats are appearing each day, in different disguises and through various attack vectors. Knowing where to look for danger is a large part of being able to combat the latest threats. Organizations need to anticipate the dangers that lie ahead and need more than just smart operational protection against known threats. To achieve this, and to make using the Internet safe and secure, it’s vital to share threat intelligence in real time. This is exactly what Kaspersky delivers through Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services (KSIS) by providing the latest threat intelligence from all around the world to maintain immunity even from previously unseen cyber threats.

News 7

15 November 2017: Trillium Information Security Systems a value added distributor of Kaspersky Labs organized a Kaspersky Security Solutions for Enterprises Road Show at Avari Hotel Karachi.

During the event, subject matter experts from Kaspersky Labs enlightened the audience on Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services and guided them on how to defend their organizations against targeted attacks and advanced threats.