Trillium Information Security Systems Ventures with Nayatel; Bringing Kaspersky Total Security Solution to Pakistan

Kaspersky Total Security Solution


With all their apps and devices plus all the websites they visit, it takes a lot to protect users from hackers, attackers and ransomware. Kaspersky Total Security has been designed to offer peace of mind to the users by protecting all their devices so that they can shop, surf, socialize & stream with total security. Its “Safe Kids” feature gives users new and better ways to keep their kids safe and helps kids enjoy the digital world… away from digital dangers.


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07 May 2018: For the first time, Nayatel, Pakistan’s leading Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) Internet Service Provider has launched a monthly subscription model offer of Kaspersky Total Security to its Home Customers. This initiative offers total security to the users by guarding their privacy, passwords, files, and photos thereby boosting their security while they bank or shop-online. The subscription also has a “Safe Kids” feature that allows parents to safeguard their kids online and helps them monitor their location and communication in real-time.