Perks and Benefits

Our benefits take care of our team and their families, and support their health and their financial well-being.

Medical Coverage

At TISS, we are actively looking to improve our employees’ quality of life. TISS employees and their immediate families are covered for a wide range of emergencies and incidents, including In-patient & Day Care (IPD) and Out-patient & Day Care (OPD).

Sponsored Training & Certifications

Development of employees is a cornerstone of our philosophy as an organization. We offer sponsored trainings & certifications to employees to help them improve their skillset, which in turn opens doors for accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives.

Maternity Support

At TISS, we consider ourselves a family and so we go above and beyond by offering all new mothers a paid maternity leave of 90 days and work from home option at the end of their leaves to support their transition.


All TISS employees are provided with a laptop as soon as they join and after 2 years with TISS, the ownership of the laptop is completely transferred to the employee.

Cellphone Allowance

All permanent employees of TISS are provided a cellphone allowance which they can avail by submitting an invoice after purchasing the phone of their choice.

Transport Allowance

To encourage more females to start their careers at TISS, we provide a transport allowance to all female employees to help you get to and from work stress-free.

Official SIM Cards

Along with cellphone allowance we also provide official SIM Cards to the employees to enable them to communicate freely.

Fuel Allowance

All TISS employees whose job description requires them to travel are provided fuel allowance by the company.

Car Maintenance

Along with fuel allowance, we also provide car maintenance that can be reimbursed after submission of invoices.

Paternity Leaves

We celebrate and support parenthood at TISS and so we offer paid paternity leaves of 7 days to all new fathers.

Annual Leaves

At TISS, we encourage all employees to take time off from work to relax and enjoy with their friends and family. All permanent employees are entitled to up to 20 paid leaves.

Casual & Sick Leaves

We want you to take time away when you need it. In addition to vacations, all TISS employees have the company benefit of Sick and Casual leaves. TISS employees are entitled up to 20 casual and sick leaves combined.

Pilgrimage Leaves

All permanent employees are entitled to avail up to 30 days of paid leaves for performing pilgrimage.

Work From Home

To accommodate family emergencies and other special cases, TISS employees are allowed to work from home.

Weekly Inspirational Hour

To help you to grow with us and be your best self we schedule a weekly Inspiration Hour with trainings and candid discussions on a wide range of personal development topics to educate and develop the talent at TISS.

Learning Management System

All TISS employees have access to our Learning Management Systems with a wide range of trainings which they can complete at their own pace to grow their skills.

Monthly Birthday Celebration

A grand birthday celebration is arranged each month for all the employees whose birthdays fall in that month.

ATM Machine

TISS employees have access to an ATM machine inside the office premises. They can easily and safely draw cash anytime they want.

Interest Free Loans

All TISS employees are eligible to apply for interest free loans.

Free Coffee and Tea

All TISS employees can enjoy unlimited tea and coffee at office.

Gifts for Newborn

TISS employees who are blessed with a child receive a gift set for their newborn to welcome their new bundle of joy.

Friends & Family Discount - JAZZ

The Friends and Family members of all permanent employees receive 30% discount on all postpaid services of JAZZ.

Gaming Tournaments

We work hard, but also play hard. For gamers at TISS, we organize Indoor Gaming tournaments including Table Tennis and E-Gaming every quarter. We believe gaming is essential to ensure that all TISS employees remain mentally and physically active.