T-SOC Managed Security Services

Achieve Resilience Through Our Detection & Response

Our Offering

T-SOC Managed Security Services are designed to help security leaders and managers establish the capability of timely and effective information security incident DETECTION, RESPONSE, and INVESTIGATION. We provide SOC capabilities that can evolve with the organization’s needs and the changing threat landscape. With well-planned processes and highly skilled people, T-SOC services offer SOC support to meet the requirements of organizations of all sizes.

Security Monitoring Service

From the flood of threat events that occur on a daily basis, we do the hard work of filtering down the threats to separate the wheat from the chaff. This allows us to focus on real intrusion incidents that require immediate attention and our dedicated security experts can then leverage their extensive security knowledge to analyze these threat events and determine the actions required for remediation.

Incident Response Service

We have the expertise to help your organization investigate and respond to security incidents effectively. We specialize in investigating intrusions and targeted attacks as we have a team of skilled, trained and experienced SOC analysts, security engineers and customer support professionals to effectively manage and remediate even the most notorious security incidents.

Why Us

Our SOC service with a dedicated team of certified SOC analysts, best industry practices and our very own incident response platform provides you the peace of mind and protection you need to improve your cybersecurity without adding in additional infrastructure. Our team has extensive real work experience managing and operating multiple commercial SOC projects, for a variety of local and international organizations. By combining our vast experience of deploying, managing and supporting SOCs, we make sure to address your critical security and compliance needs, reduce the risk of a data breach and lower your operational costs.

24 x 7 Monitoring

We log, monitor and analyze your security events on a continuous, 24x7x365 basis

Successful International Projects

We have completed 2 successful international projects

Successful Local Projects

We have successfully completed 7 local projects

Best in Managed Security Award

Our Managed Security Services have been recognized with the prestigious [email protected] Award

Certified SOC Analysts

We have an experienced team of more than 20 Certified SOC Analysts

In-house Incident Response Platform

We also have an in-house Incident Response Platform “Nucleus” to complement our services

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