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Our Offering

As your most trusted and experienced security advisors, we have an effective set of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) services that are designed to meet the demands of the most challenging businesses and regulators. Our consultancy services can help alleviate your burden and make your life easier. We are immersed in the cybersecurity world and stay one step ahead by constantly sifting through information on the latest security breaches, advisories, and legislative updates.


We ensure that you are following all the best practices to enable your organization to manage business and regulatory risks effectively. Through our governance consulting services, we provide management consultancy to organizations on policies, procedures and best practices. Our cybersecurity experts can work with you to establish critical baselines, evaluate security controls, uncover process weaknesses, and develop comprehensive strategies tailored to your specific needs.


With a proven methodology, knowledge, skill and experience T-CON offers risk assessment and management service of the highest quality. You can get an expert’s view into any weak security controls and areas of risk that exist in your environment along with clear guidance and recommendations on how to improve those control. We can help you establish a stronger security posture that is more effective in protecting your organization against cyber threats.


Through our Compliance service we can assist your organization in obtaining full compliance with the appropriate regulations, guidelines and best practice standards. We can assess the gap existing between your current state of compliance and the recommended state then provide a comprehensive report that summarizes your organization’s current level of compliance and develop appropriate corrective action.

Why Us

With an accumulated experience of more than two decades, the experts at T-CON are dedicated to ensuring your safety. Our goal is to help you build a Cyber Security program that is both rooted in industry best practices and tailored to your business. By planning a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy as part of your digital transformation journey, our experienced consultants implement industry-proven methodologies to enable your organisation to efficiently meet corporate governance, risk and compliance requirements

Most Certified Team

We have a team of 75+ cybersecurity professionals with more than 400 certifications

Broad Expertise

Leveraging nearly two decades of experience of key practices from serving leading organizations

Tailored Approach

Aligning our services to fit your needs and the changing threat landscape

Up to the Minute Consultancy

With 25+ dedicated R&D professionals we stay abreast to all the latest threats, rules and regulations

Actionable plan

Get detailed report of assessment and recommendations to optimize IT resources

Solid Foundation

Minimize your investments and build a solid foundation for your strategic cybersecurity programs

Region’s Leading Provider of Cybersecurity Solutions & Services.

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