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Today’s Cyber Security landscape clearly demonstrates the incompetence of reactive approaches. Organizations have to opt State of the art Proactive solutions for utmost security. Threat Intelligence is one of the modern ways of it. Enterprises need an efficient threat intelligence platform that provides comprehensive information about current threat landscape and helps foresee the future scenario and offer it as actionable business intelligence.

Enterprise Ready & Future-Oriented Intelligence

Cydea Threat Intelligence Platform (CTIP) collects threat feeds from numerous sources, removes duplicate entries and integrates it with single actionable threat intelligence. Thereby enabling security analysts to make business decisions that are intelligence-driven. CTIP enables your team to get clear visibility into threats with deeper insights into their relevance to your business.

Centralized Single Platform

Cydea Threat Intelligence Platform (CTIP) provides a centralized system which lets you manage all complexities of workflow from one customizable platform. It provides complete context of every single attack with a distinct profile of every single threat actor. This power to predict future attacks can help organizations make the best security decisions.

Why Us

Cydea Threat Intelligence Platform is a single unified platform for the collection, aggregation, duplication, and prioritization of Threat Data into Actionable Threat Intelligence. It helps you identify critical threats and provide actionable intelligence so that your security teams can take quicker and timely decisions and always stay one step ahead of the attackers.

Single Attacker Profile

Reveals all the small details of every attacker separately with a distinct profile.

Integration with Security Controls

Through APIs and threat feeds CTIP can be integrated with various security controls.

Customizable Platform

Numerous customizations to help you manage your intelligence as per your needs.

Automated Data Normalization

CTIP offers automatic ingestion, extraction and normalization.

Advanced Search

Search the indicators and threat actors as per the industry.

One Step Ahead

Stay one step ahead of the evolving and dynamic threat actors.

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