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Our Offering

Being the pioneer and leaders of cybersecurity in Pakistan we hope to help bridge the cybersecurity skill gap through our very own cyber range. With T-REX, we aim to provide dedicated testbeds and infrastructures that help realizing and executing the training scenarios and provide a playground for the trainees. From computer novices to cyber experts to executives preparing to respond to cyber incidents of significance, you can practice and hone your skills and become the ultimate security expert.

Replicating SOC Environment

With T-REX, we build to increase the preparedness and resilience of your security team, by providing an isolated, virtual SOC environment, in which they can train in responding to real-world, simulated cyberattacks, and dramatically improve their performance and response time for when a cyberattack actually happens.

Realistic Cyberattack Simulation Experience

Simulated cyber-attack training has the dual benefit of helping team members recognize the symptoms of a cyber-attack, and also practice implementing actions to mitigate the harm an attack might cause. They can learn in a safe space isolated from their real computer systems and have the opportunity to see a cyber-attack play out, observing the different outcomes produced by defensive tactics.

Intensive Hands-on Labs and Exercises

For those who enroll, they will have access to a variety of cyber challenges to test their skills and compete with others in the room. Cooperation exercises, challenges and gamification for Blue team and Red Team are all focused on providing real time learning scenarios until their craft has been honed and their profession perfected.

Fully Mapped Skill Matrix

T-REX provides a benchmark to help guide cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts by providing them a clear pathway of the tactics and techniques they need to learn in order to take their career to the next level. Through our trainings, we provide a blueprint for the cybersecurity aspirants by building and increasing the knowledge, skills and capabilities of information security professionals with different tier levels, whether beginner, advanced, or expert.

Replication of Real World Enterprise Cybersecurity Controls

Train in a replicated environment with real world cybersecurity controls and use market-leading security tools including a SIEM, firewall and endpoint security, to respond to simulated attacks. We adapt our trainings based on the security controls you need, so now you can train on the exact same tools they use every day and you can use the range to test new tools before deploying them in production.

Complete Coverage of Kill-Chain and MITRE ATT&CK Framework

We cover MITRE ATT&CK techniques and tactics by simulating them in our cyber range so you can experience them just like an analyst would do in real life, improving your response during an actual attack. These attack focused tactics cover the entire Kill-chain and build skills to better predict prevent, detect and respond to threats.

Why Us

Our cybersecurity professionals have an experience of nearly two decades working in the cybersecurity field, we are the best there is when it comes to Information Security training. As part of our work with organizations in all industries, our experts are specialized in multiple disciplines with 400+ certifications:

Real-time Learning

Train and develop your skillset best by gaining hands-on experience.


We provide a number of professional trainings with complete certifications.

Real World Networks and Tools

Immerse in a virtual network and market leading security tools and train in a virtual SOC.

IS Professionals Trained

Over the years, we have trained over 2000+ professionals on premise or virtually.

Trainings Conducted Every Year

We have a vast experience of conducting customized & public trainings.

Certified Trainers

Our cybersecurity trainers and specialists have over 200+ certifications.

Region’s Leading Provider of Cybersecurity Solutions & Services.

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