TISP Security Awareness Portfolio

Turning The Weakest Link to Your Strongest Security Asset

Our Offering

TISP Security Awareness Portfolio offers an absolute solution for strengthening your organization’s security culture, as we provide a complete package based on the top-notch security awareness strategies. Our awareness training portfolio is a great tool for raising awareness on information security, as we make your employees aware of the information security risks and remind them of good practices, in a precise and motivating manner

Self-Paced Awareness Videos

We offer Fully Customized, Semi-Customized and Ready Made self-paced Information Security Awareness Videos. As everybody learns differently so these self-paced awareness videos help people make the best use of their time and give them easy access to complete the learning objectives as per their convenience. The 3-5 minute awareness videos are designed separately for higher management, IT staff and non IT staff.

Learning Management System

We have a highly customizable and scalable web based Learning Management System (LMS) that offers easy access to the self-paced awareness videos and provides awareness metrics and complete reporting by highlighting the progress and problem areas. We also provide multiple-choice quizzes to assess the security knowledge of your employees. Once you find out the key problem areas, you can then implement targeted solutions to strengthen your security

Awareness Messaging Tools

Awareness messaging tools play a significant role in promoting the security culture in an organization therefore we provide various customized awareness messaging tools which will help promote the security campaign within the organization to strengthen the organization’s security culture. These include Posters, Flyers, Standees, Email Newsletters, Desktop Wallpapers, Screensavers, Mugs, T-Shirts and Pens etc.

Why Us

With more than 70 readily available awareness videos, a team of expert cybersecurity professionals with an experience of nearly two decades overseeing the content creation and 10+ successful projects, we are the best there is when it comes to Information Security Awareness.

10+ Successful Projects

We have completed more than 10 successful security awareness projects

Readily Available Videos

We have more than 70 readily available security awareness videos on key topics

In-house Customized LMS

We have a highly scalable and customizable LMS to complement our offering

Targeted Awareness

Separate content for General Audience, IT professionals and Higher Management

Complete Customization

The videos and language can be customized as per your requirement

Engaging Content

Our awareness content engages the audience by grabbing their attention

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