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Armed with the latest knowledge and industry-leading experience, our security assessment experts effectively identify and assess the risks your organization’s critical information assets are facing. We identify weaknesses the same way an attacker would, by hacking it. By mimicking the actions of an actual attacker, we exploit weaknesses without putting the organization in actual jeopardy and allow the organization to address each weakness accordingly.

D.E.A.R Approach

The unique Security Assessment methodology of T-SAS is based on D.E.A.R approach as we look to Discover, Exploit, Analyze and Report all the security holes that can be found in a system. The Security Assessment cycle begins with the DISCOVER phase which consists of various reconnaissance exercises. During the EXPLOIT phase, techniques used by hackers and crackers are simulated in a controlled environment. Then in the ANALYZE stage, findings from the previous stage are analyzed to effectively translate the vulnerabilities into business risks. Comprehensive reports are then presented and submitted to the management during the final REPORT stage.

Security Assessment Services

Application Security Assessment Services

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop & Legacy Applications

Network Infrastructure Security Assessment Services

  • External Security Assessment
  • Internal Security Assessment
  • Security Configuration Audit

Database Security Assessment Services

  • Database Design Audit
  • Database Configuration Audit
  • Database Maintenance Audit

Why Us

We have a vast experience of performing security assessments with a proven methodology. Our dedicated team members are backed by certifications and all the latest tools and techniques that work together to enhance your overall security posture. They can expertly assess network vulnerabilities, evaluate gaps in information security programs, offer strategies that meet compliance goals, and even help develop programs to prepare for security emergencies.

Successful Projects

We have completed more than 200 Successful Projects

Satisfied Customers

With more than 70+ satisfied customers our track record speaks for itself

Proven Methodology

We have a proven methodology in the form of D.E.A.R Approach

Understand Your Risks

Strengthen and enable your security personnel to understand and tackle IT security risks

Test New Technology

We test new technologies, applications and environments before they go into production

Comply with Regulations

We can help you comply with regulations and standards

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